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How many graduate positions are available in 2023?

The number of graduate positions available for the 2023 intake will depend on the number of successful applicants. Previous years range from 6 to 10 for each department.

Can I apply if I have completed a masters degree?

You can apply if you have completed a masters degree, providing it and the undergraduate degree used to obtain your Masters qualification are both relevant and outlined in the discipline schedule. Transcripts for both qualifications must be attached to your application.

Can I apply if I have a temporary working visa?

You can apply if you have a temporary working visa, providing the visa has the necessary working rights and is valid for the duration of the graduate program.

I live interstate, can I still apply?

You can apply if you live interstate. You will be offered a relocation package to assist your relocation to Darwin if you are selected for the program.

Will I have to move to the Northern Territory if I get into the program?

You will need to relocate to Darwin, Northern Territory if you are offered and accept a place in the graduate program.

What kind of assistance will I be provided if I move from interstate?

Your department will arrange a custom relocation package based on your needs if you are required to move interstate to take up your role in the graduate program.

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted via the Employment Opportunities Online website. Visit How to apply for more information.

Can I apply for the graduate program in one department, but not the other?

You can apply for the graduate program in one department, but not the other. You can select your preferred option during the application process.

Who should I address my cover letter to?

Your cover letter should be addressed to the ‘Selection Panel’ for example ‘Dear Selection Panel’. Please ensure your cover letter clearly outlines your ‘knowledge and experience’, as outlined in the graduate handbook.

How does the short-listing and interview process work?

Your application will be assessed by high level executives from the Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet and the Department of Treasury and Finance. You will be contacted by phone if you are selected for interview. You will then need to complete a pre-interview task.

Interviews are conducted in Darwin. If you are located interstate or outside of Darwin region, you will be offered the option of interviewing via video conference.

What will I be asked to do for the pre-interview task?

You will be asked to write a report for the pre-interview task.

How will I know the outcome of my interview?

You will be contacted by phone if the panel selects you for a position in the program.

How will rotations will be determined? What happens if I don’t like the rotations I’ve been placed in?

Placement with an individual work unit is confirmed by the Board of Management based on your university degree, your own preferences of the work units available, and performance assessment reports from previous rotations.

Not all work units within the Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet are available for graduate rotations throughout the year. However, past graduates have completed rotations in various work units including:

Can I find out about past graduates' experiences of the program?

Visit the testimonials page to read about the experiences of current and past graduates.

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