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Department of the Chief Minister

CMC is the lead government agency and supports the Chief Minister, Cabinet and other government stakeholders.

CMC's primary role is to provide the highest quality support and strategic advice on social, economic and environment matters, national reforms and to respond to emerging issues affecting Territorians. This includes issues across regional and remote communities and within the local government sector.

As the First Ministers department, CMC leads whole-of-government policy agendas, and drives collaboration, coordination and implementation across multiple agencies.

The Territory Government has the objective of achieving a $40 billion economy by 2030. CMC's Investment Territory team, led by the Territory Investment and Major Projects Commissioners, was established to grow private investment and create more jobs in the Territory. This team also works across government to ensure the recommendations of the 2020 Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission's Final Report are implemented.

The Gas Taskforce is also supporting the 2030 target by maximising the benefits of on and offshore gas fields through its comprehensive Northern Territory Gas strategy. The vision is by 2030 the Territory will be world-class in gas production and manufacturing, and become a national services hub.

The Territory Regional Growth (TRG) team works across the Territory, Commonwealth and local government agencies, regional businesses and Aboriginal communities. TRG supports implementing Territory Government priorities, facilitates development in regions and remote communities, and responds to issues impacting regional towns and other community concerns.​​

The 12-month graduate program provides training and development opportunities, as well as hands-on experience. CM&C graduates have a unique opportunity to work in various business units to understand each unit’s particular functions, and work in policy design and implementation.

For more information visit the Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet website.

Department of Treasury and Finance

DTF is a key central agency that provides specialist fiscal, economic and commercial policy advice and services to government to assist in delivering services and infrastructure to benefit Territorians. Its purpose is to promote sustainable finances and economic development of the Territory. DTF is a trusted and influential adviser in areas including financial management, economic, commercial, taxation and regulatory issues, government borrowing and investment, and public sector superannuation.

The DTF graduate program has successfully underpinned DTF workforce planning strategies for over 20 years, attracting high calibre applicants wishing to forge their careers in government, providing a solid foundation through the program. The 12-month program provides a comprehensive and structured package of training and development along with hands-on experience across the agency.

As a central agency within the Territory Government, DTF graduates have a unique opportunity to work on issues across government, and experience in fiscal and economic management at the Territory level. Supported by senior mentors and tailored individual work plans designed to grow knowledge and communication skills, many graduates remain with DTF after completing the program and take advantage of postgraduate support and study incentives to further develop their careers.

The intent of the DTF graduate program is to build our workforce with skilled talent and future leaders. To provide them with an advantage by developing and gaining broader experiences, our graduates will undertake rotations in the three core areas of the agency during the 12-month program: financial management, economic policy and revenue management.

On successful completion of the program, graduates may be offered ongoing employment and can then undertake an additional 12-month development program. In the second year, graduates can complete three further rotations in other areas of the agency to build further skills. This fast‑tracks careers and provides a solid foundation for future leadership.

For more information visit the Department of Treasury and Finance website.

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